David Crosby and Graham Nash on BBC September 11 1970

In April 1970, Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young announced the concert tour that eventually became the Four-Way Street album. It was near the end of my junior year at BHS, and although no one else I knew seemed too excited at the prospect, the idea that in May I would be at the Boston Garden listening to a live performance of my favorite band had me out of my head with excitement. Then the Kent State Killings took place, and with CSN&Y’s immediate release of Neil Young’s “Ohio,” the whole thing seem to take on even greater significance.

Not too long after that tour, however, rumors surfaced that that band had “broken up,” and the future seemed dim for CSN&Y fans. That fall, however, Crosby and Nash did a tour that brought them to the Boston Music Hall. It was an excellent concert–all acoustic, with heavy emphasis on those Crosby/Nash harmonies–that partway through turned into a real event when Stephen Stills suddenly walked out on stage partway through the second set. In fact, that was the first time I ever heard them sing “Bluebird,” which in and of itself was enough to make it a memorable evening. Predictably, before too long people in the crowd started yelling for Neil Young, but they were drowned out in a deafening roar when the man himself actually did walk out on stage, and there they were again in all their glory: CSN&Y.

The following Crosby and Nash performances are from a BBC program that was recorded around the same time as that tour and has now found it’s way onto YouTube. The on-stage ambiance seen here is just as my memory has it, and I am happy to present them here for your listening pleasure.

Simple Man and Marrakesh Express


Song with No Words and Teach You Children

Lee Shore

Traction in the Rain

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